Choosing a company to design/build your exhibit is a very important decision, when doing so you should keep the following tips in mind.

Outsourcing Is Commonplace & Increases Your Costs

Many companies that sell tradeshow booths subcontract out their build and are acting as a middle man. While they may provide certain services inhouse, when it comes to designing, building, setting up, and storing exhibits they will subcontract this work to a third party. Building in huge markups, passing the costs on to the you the consumer.

Choosing a company that The most logical way to avoid this is to ask what’s handled inhouse or outsourced.  While it’s good practice for these companies to work with partner vendors on certain aspects of design, production, or service, farming out everything is ultimately not in your best interest.

Use a reputable licensed builder

Is the tradeshow booth company pursuing you licensed, bonded, and insured?  If they are…great!  If not, this can create many problems. Hiring unlicensed and uninsured contractors could results in employee injuries and or facility damage causing you valuable time, money and image.   These are all things you should consider.

This is easily remedied by asking for proof of licenses and insurances.  It’s a simple fix that can potentially save you enormous problems and huge amounts of money.

What building materials is my builder using? How will it look?

There are many different types of materials a booth/exhibit could be made up of. When selecting a builder be sure to ask what materials you booth will be constructed of? What will the wall seems look like? It is very common for companies to offer “the same design” for a lower price. While this sounds good, it is achieved by using shoddy materials that will ultimately reflect in the presentation of your exhibit. Hard wall booth construction has a more clean seamless look to it. System wall construction, is a system compiled of aluminum framework with infill panels. This is a more budget friendly approach to your exhibit, while saving on shipping costs you lose that seamless look. These exhibits are created to breakdown and ship easier and lighter. While both these options are viable they cannot be compared in either cost or quality. Discussing your future show needs and expectations with your builder will help determine the type of construction that best fits your needs.