Booth signage needs to be eye catching and recognizable as yours and enhance the image of your brand. Hanging signs and signage is the first thing an attendee sees, therefore you want this to be high quality impactful images that are easily seen.

Design graphics to fit and flow in your booth space

Your exhibit graphics need to target your market and be easy and clear to read.  Use fonts that will be easily read based on the location of the graphic. A sign designed to hang over your booth will typically be a fabric and frame structure that needs larger text and images while graphics displayed at eye lever will have smaller text and more detailed information. Choose font that works well at the correct distance, depending where your target audience is viewing from.

Put your name out there

If you want to be remembered, put your name on your product, your booth, your freebies and anything else people can see or hold. See Samsung and Planar? Of course you do—their names are plastered all over their exhibits. They don’t take their instantly recognizable brand names for granted. They make sure you know who and what you’re looking at. Don’t make people search for your company name as they walk by your booth—they certainly won’t ask